Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For Net Peptide Content of dry peptide, send a minimum of 1mg of material in sealed small vial.
  2. For liquid samples send a minimum of 20ug of material (i.e., 20ul of 1mg/ml solution), per analysis needed. Larger volumes are recommended.
  3. For larger dry samples, such as collagen, grasses, seeds, etc., send 1/2 gram of material if possible.

Place small samples in microfuge or other small vial and seal cap with Parafilm.

For larger samples use larger tubes, vials or Ziploc bag.

If samples are dry, ship dry.

If samples need to be kept chilled, ship with cold packs.

If samples need to remain frozen, ship on dry ice.

Ship via FedEx, UPS or other carrier of your choice. We do not recommend USPS, as they do not deliver to the door.

Results will be sent by email, in Excel format.

Typically no, but call ahead to verify that lab personnel will be here to receive package.

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